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Hello everyone! First off, great job to all the folks that took part in the Fall Challenge. Whether you did the challenge itself or just took part in the programming, everyone did a great job and are making some BIG GAINS! 🏋️‍♀️

We’ve reached what is always a bit of a weird time of the year in terms of programming. The holidays are happening in rapid fire succession, winter is upon on us, attendance drops slightly, etc. It’s just not an ideal time to have an ultra-specific focus like 2 rep max bench press, or a max set of pull-ups. This is not to say we will have NO focus at all in the next cycle, or that we can just throw exercises into a hopper and pull a few out to create a workout. We can do some more varied, fun things while still working on common weaknesses, and chipping away at some broader goals like:

  1. Maintaining overall fitness and technique
  2. Learning and/or refining new skills
  3. Working on commonly faulty movement patterns
  4. Getting in some work in different planes of motion
  5. Having a whole bunch of fun

This time of year is a perfect time to mix things up and try some new stuff. We’re going to take a new approach to this cycle. What we’re going to do is have a number of “threads”. A few examples of threads are “kettlebell skills” and “toes to bar” and “single leg strength”. We are going to take all these threads and weave them together week to week. This will be a new approach for some of you. While we will have one day (Monday) that will be a back squat day every week, the rest of the week will always be morphing. Regardless of what days you show up to the gym, you’re going to be getting a big ol’ dose of fitness that will challenge and empower you.

This cycle will run Nov 22 – Jan 31 to set us up for a more specific cycle in the New Year! Excited to see you out there!

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