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So many congrats are in order! Everyone did incredible work on the fall challenge, and it was an honor to watch you all give everything you got to those lifts. The clean & jerk, bench press, and chin ups require technique, guts, and raw strength. We had 62 athletes sign up and saw SO MANY PRs all week. Congrats and thanks to everyone who took part!

Time to announce the winners!


Top 10 highest overall scores:

1 Lara Friedman-Shedlov
2 Garrett Ferderber
3 Mike Grewe
4 Julian McFaul
5 Jeff Lockhart
6 Josh Kaplan
7 Bradley Machov
8 Chris Rodriguez
9 Brian Stepanek
10 Hannah Wydeven


Huge congrats to Lara, our overall winner! She put up a whopping of 13 chin ups, and added over 21lbs to her already hefty lifting total! Great job Lara, you are STRONG.


The top 10 most improved:

1 Melissa Bougie
2 Anna Šverclová
3 Chris Rodriguez
4 Patrick Schwinn
5 Mike Grewe
6 Jeff Garcia
7 Katie Fritz
8 Josh Kaplan
9 Erin Walsh
10 Jane Sumner

Melissa came in and CRUSHED the most improved category. She increased her pull up score by over 83% and added 45lbs to her lifts! Amazing job, Melissa. Talk about GAINS!!!


The Spirit of the Challenge Award goes to Amanda Lovelee.

Amanda was consistent throughout the challenge, putting her tenacity and drive on display the whole time. Not only did this result in big gains on her lifts, but she also went from a really big seated chin up score to getting her first unassisted chin up. RING THAT BELL, AMANDA!!!

So many of you made big progress, and that is what the challenge is all about. We are proud of the big Solcana crew. We will post this blog in on the Facebook group — Feel free to brag in the comments about any progress you made in the last couple months. GREAT WORK EVERYONE!

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