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We are stoked to announce Sam Taitel as our December Athlete of the Month. Sam is as a total badass in and out of the gym. They can lift some pretty heavy stuff here and outside of Solcana they practice Aikido.

Coach Hannah says “Sam is such an inspiration. They have been through so much in this last year, with overcoming an injury and dealing with a bunch of job stuff, and through it all they remained positive and steady. I always admire how Sam keeps their head down and pushes through, but does it with a smile.  They are always considerate and kind and ask people about themselves. They are funny, caring and super active in the community. Sam did a workshop for us over the summer about deescalation and how to solve problems without calling the cops. Also, They are SO FRICKING STRONG, but they are not an intimidating person, and are always a great ambassador to new people. They just hit an over 200# clean which is crazy!!! I am so grateful to have Sam in the Solcana family.”

Sam joined Solcana because they needed a place to work out and find community, especially among queer folks, in a new city after moving here from NYC. They have loved the supportive group dynamics while being able to push myself. Coach Max chimed in and added, “Sam is such an inspiring athlete. They are truly an embodiment of Solcana’s values and purpose. They bring absolute fierceness and badassery – while cultivating a warm, welcoming, supportive vibe to all those around them.”

Sam’s hidden talents include being able to fold their tongue into a clover. Another fun fact is their little brother was born on the same day as them four years later.

Coach Brooke says, “Sam is total badass. They carry a bold and tenacious spirit with each and every class. And that energy is very infectious! Sam’s encouragement and confidence make the people around then feel empowered – such a powerful energy to have in a class.”

The coaches had such amazing things to say about Sam. We are so proud that in the challenge Sam listened to their body and ended up getting a PR on their clean. After injury, they knew their limits and accomplished some fantastic feats. Coach Garrett H. had some input too, “Sam is so strong! They’re always a pleasure to have in class both because of their witty banter and because they are a great example for other athletes – Sam listens to their body and stops when something doesn’t feel right – they make the workouts work for them!”

“Sam’s strength is unmatched. Crazy strong human and a joy and pleasure to coach. Always down to help others through classes and will always be down to demo a movement. I enjoy them so much and always get excited to see them in my class!” added Coach Amanda. Finally Coach Garrett F says, “Sam is such a great athlete. I love how they mix both a fierce determination and drive with being super approachable and centered. Sam is a pleasure to work out next to and such a lovely person to get to have around. I am often inspired by their diligence and hard work.”

Sam in a nutshell:

Fierce. Determined. Kind. Strong. Powerful. Encouraging. Humble.

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