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Fall is here! September means that we are diving head first into our Fall Challenge. This year, we are focusing on two barbell movements, and one bodyweight strength movement. The challenge is:

+ 1 rep max clean & jerk,
+ 2 rep max bench press
+ max set of strict chin ups

This total combines three movements that require a wide-range of skills. You have to be mobile, technical, and have raw strength to accomplish these three movements at a high level. It seems like the perfect combination for an exceptional fall challenge.

You will be in the running to win prizes for best overall score and overall most improved.

Registration is right here. Just click this link.

Cycle dates:
Pre-test week: Sept 20th – 26th
7-week cycle: Sept 27 – Nov 14th
Re-test week: November 15th – 21st

What to Expect:
Mondays: Bench
Tuesdays: Long Metcon
Wednesdays: Cleans and Jerks
Thursdays: Bench
Fridays: Front Squat
Saturdays: Clean Pulls/Deadlifts + Jerks/Overhead Strength

Chin Up work will be throughout all these days

When to Come:
Beginner Athletes (0-6 mo): MW and either T/Th. Prioritize learning the 3 movements that are part of the challenge.
Beginner Athletes (6-12 mo): MW, either T/Th plus a Fri or Sat will help you get strong and refine your technique.
All Other Athletes: MTWF, with bonus longer metcons, or additional bench work during open gym. Either way, shoot for one day per week of bench, cleans, and front squat and find time to work on weaknesses outside of class.

Requirements for the lifts:
Clean and jerk: Can be either full or power clean. Full clean is recommended as you can lift more weight that way, but it is not required. Bar must start at the floor and athlete must end in an upright position with stable footing. Bar then moves from the shoulders to overhead, locking out the arms.

Bench: Feet must maintain contact with the floor. Butt must maintain contact with the bench. The bar must make contact with the chest with control, and the bar cannot be heaved off the body. There is no pause required. Once the bar leaves the chest, it can’t move down. The lift ends when the arms are locked out.

Chin Ups: Athlete begins hanging from their bar with a supinated (underhand) grip. Chin must be lifted above the bar. No kipping or kicking. Between reps, the athlete must lower themselves until arms are fully extended before beginning the next chin up.

This cycle is going to be really amazing. I can’t wait to see the growth that each of you will have in such a short period of time. It’s going to be an incredible challenge and opportunity to become even more strong AF. Register HERE.

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