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We are so excited to announce our July Athlete of the Month: Brigit Boler!

Brigit first started at Solcana because they wanted to be more committed to exercise but struggled to find a direction where they didn’t get easily bored. They were drawn to Solcana because of the Pride/Trans flags and BLM sign on their door, which they hadn’t seen at a gym before. The benefit to Solcana has been two-fold, they have been able to get more in touch with their body, appreciating and understanding it in ways they never had before. Solcana also allowed them to spend time with cool people during class, which is something they really needed when living alone and working from home during the pandemic.

Fun fact about Brigit: They do/did cosplay as a huge hobby before the pandemic and a group they were with was once featured on the front page of the nerd website Kotaku. Hence pictures of them in a wig. Outside of Solcana they like to play video games and watch terrible movies.

Hannah says,” Brigit is so awesome. Outside of the gym they are a cosplay super star and makes their own costumes!! They look so fricking cool. In the gym they are super drawn to Olympic weightlifting and just being strong in general. Brigit has a great attitude about everything and will try anything you ask. They also just get along with everyone and love to talk about all the fandoms they are into. We are so grateful Brigit has been part of the fam for so long, and it’s about time they are athlete of the month!!!!” Coach Garrett H. says, “Brigit is an athlete who always shows up ready to go. They are a quiet force in the gym, always working hard. I’ve enjoyed watching Brigit especially over the last several months constantly improve their lifts. They have amazing cosplay costumes too. It’s always a pleasure having Brigit in class!”

Brigit is an incredible addition to the Solcana Fam and love their energy that they bring!!

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