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Announcing our August Athlete of the Month: Annalee Tomsicek!

Annalee was drawn to Solcana as a queer and feminist fitness space that seemed to walk-the-walk when it came to living their values. Making new friends has been a huge benefit for her – especially queer pals and people in her immediate neighborhood.

The coaches have some great stuff to say about Annalee! Amanda says, “Annalee’s positivity & kindness is infectious. I know as a coach, that if there’s new members, Annalee will step up and do their best to welcome them with open arms & take them under their wing.”

Coach Hannah says, “We’ve been so lucky to gain Annalee as a member since the dawn of COVID times. She is willing to try anything and genuinely gets excited about working on her shortcomings. She goes out of her way to participate in almost everything we do and she is just a really really good team member. She is so kind and bubbly to new people and will make sure everyone feels welcome. At the same time she also makes her struggles and limitations clear and doesn’t just pretend she feels comfortable with something. I really appreciate that about her!! She is a very active, hands on person and it shows in everything she does. I am so thankful for Annalee!”

Outside of Solcana Annalee loves to spend time gardening, specifically raising things to eat (and that others can cook for her). Her dad grew up on a farm in southern MN and since the pandemic started she have been spending a lot of time there. In non-pandemic times she is active in the local Cuban salsa community and loves to take solo hiking trips. One of her favorite treks was hiking ~400 miles across northern Spain!

If you see her at the gym with earplugs in, please don’t interpret it as her not wanting to talk! She is super noise sensitive to the bangs and clangs in the gym, but also loves to gab!

Coach Brooke added, “I really admire the way Annalee stays connected to her body during a workout. She moves with such intention and approaches each class in a way that feels good for her and her body.”

“Annalee is a badass and I love to engage with Annalee in conversations about things outside of the gym because she’s an all around gem and is very smart.” Garrett H. stated.

Garrett F. also chimed in and says, “Annalee is a joy to coach. She brings a curiosity and consciousness to workouts that serves her and speaks to her thoughtful approach to fitness. She is somehow both very approachable and engaging while also holding space for others. I am always impressed by her diligence and commitment. Also, I bet she would be super fun to go to the State Fair with.”

We love having Annalee apart of the Solcana Community!!

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