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Welcome to the team Abby Bollum! Abby is our client services admin so she is the go-to person for any and all membership and client experience. She started with us this week and we just wanted to take a second to introduce her to you!

Easiest ways to contact Abby:

[email protected]

Or text (612) 808-0252


Why does working in a gym inspire you?

I love being around people and watching them grow when they are at the gym. My favorite thing is hearing about why people started their fitness journey and what motivates them to keep going. Other people are what keeps me going when my motivation falters! 


What do you like to do when you’re not at Solcana? 

I can be found snapping pics of budding flowers while on nature walks, sifting through racks at thrift stores for the newest treasures, doing yoga in the sunshine, reading horoscopes to my very tolerant partner, participating in new/full moon rituals, writing poetry, and eating an abundance of mac and cheese. 


What are your big dreams?

My biggest dreams would be to have a community center that is accessible and available for all. Where art, fitness, dance, cooking classes are held, a community garden is fostered, support is available for people transitioning out of various areas such as recovery or homelessness, and people are fully there for one another. I would love to be a part of a world where community is valued and at the forefront of our society. 


Preferred Method of Transportation: 



Exercise of Choice: 

Power dancing in my room to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack 


Newest Endeavor: 

I’ve been shaking up my routine with rock climbing

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