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This month is filled with fear, anxiety and anger as we and the world watch the Derek Chauvin trial unfold. The city collectively continues to mourn the murder of George Floyd, and call for some semblance of justice, with the trial, with policing in general and with the fate of the memorial on 38th and Chicago. We fully expect and support protests that are happening now and may happen in the future.

As we are in the 3rd precinct, we are also preparing to react more readily in the case that we see violence in our neighborhood again. As part of that, our coaches have been instructed that if there are signs or threats of violence directed toward our neighborhood or our building, they should lock the doors and end classes immediately. We are reserving the right to cancel any and all classes, and adjust by continuing to host online classes when possible.

Also with an uptick in mass shootings, we want to be continually aware that gun violence is a possibility in any public space.


If you experience violence or the threat of violence while in our building, we recommend:

  • Move into the front bathroom.
  • OR, exit through the back door into the vestibule and then the courtyard.
  • Please don’t rely on your coach to instruct you.
  • Evacuate the premises quickly and do not return until you are instructed that it is safe.
  • If you see something that makes you uncomfortable, say something immediately to the coach on duty.
  • If you or someone else is in danger, call 911


We hope that this never becomes something we need to implement, but it’s important for us to be prepared in case something does happen in our building. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe space!


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