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This month we’re celebrating Collin Arnett! Collin is such a great addition to any class. All the coaches I talked to said the same thing: he’s always affable and game to try whatever is thrown his way. Coach Garrett Hoffman says “I love Collin! He’s always looking to get better and asks good questions during class. He’s willing to try new things and is always chatty and fun!”

Collin has been a member of Solcana since September of 2017. He’s one of those athlete you may catch at any time of day (early morning, daytime or evening, weekdays or weekends!) and in any kind of class; indoor, outdoor or virtual if he can’t make it in person. His schedule is unique partially because he works as a Physician Assistant in three (!!!) emergency departments. Outside of Solcana, Collin stays active with running, cycling and general playing outside and exploring the world. Unexpected fun fact: Collin has a degree in entomology!

“Collin is such an important part of the gym, and I have seen him grow so much, just in the last year alone! He is on a new adventure in his life and he is taking every step with insane optimism and willingness to try anything. I think Collin is someone who views failure and setbacks as a part of life to be embraced, rather than something to fear. He is willing to fail at things and get out of his comfort zone if it means he will grow. It’s genuinely super cool to see,” says Coach Hannah. “Collin is an excellent runner and has grown to be a super strong, technically savvy lifter. He is a really thoughtful person and we love having him around the gym. Collin is also a musician and I’ve been lucky enough to have him at my house for drum lessons with Josh!”

Coach Jerik adds, “Collin’s a dedicated athlete who is always working to improve and he is great at welcoming and engaging folks. He’s always chatting with new people and I appreciate swapping stories about the latest weird horror movies or video games we’ve experienced.”

Make sure you cheer on Collin next time you get to work out beside him!


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