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Hooray for the April Athlete of the Month – amazing Amanda Lovelee!

Amanda joined the gym in January 2019. Coach Kk says “Amanda’s spirit is so bright, encouraging and fun. From the moment she walked in the gym, she’s given workouts her all. She’s passionate, creative and I love watching her dedication to learning new movements and correcting old movements. I can’t say enough about how great Amanda is.”

She can be found at all kinds of classes: Outdoor, Indoor and Online, often in the morning but whenever it fits with her schedule. Coach Garrett Hoffman says “I love watching Amanda squat with small humans on her back! She works hard and always makes fitness fun!!”

Amanda is a visual artist with an MFA from MCAD. She currently works as Parks Ambassador for the Met Council. You should chat with her about what that means, and about her previous job as City Artist for Public Art St. Paul. She is passionate about equity and public spaces, bringing joy and art to the world!

Coach Hannah says “Amanda is an incredible person!! She is so kind and willing to try anything that comes her way. Recently she went from having only skied once, to becoming a cross country ski coach for a kids team. Talk about a quick learner and willingness to try! She has also come a long way in the gym and has worked through being super duper flexible, to now being flexible AND strong. I also just witnessed handstand and now she can do it consistently! I am personally lucky as our kids go to daycare together and that means Amanda is now in my circle outside of the gym as well. Amanda is incredible!!

Amanda lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two great kids. She is such a people person; quick to laugh at your silly joke or cheer you on as you work out. Her wonderful personality is so important to Solcana and we’re so thankful to have her.

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