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We are in the home stretch! Great work everyone.

Event 4 – wow what a ride!

A lot of folks did not expect gymnastic movements – SURPRISE!!! We have been working a lot on handstands, grip strength, and our cores. We’re definitely primed for some bodyweight strength.

For indoor we did handstand walk or hold, along with a max hang. Scores were combined total of the two, with a modifier to make walking slightly more valuable (in terms of points) than holding. Here’s the individual top ten results:

Name Handstand Hang (in seconds)
Annalee Tomsicek 54ft walk 96
Hannah Wydeven 26ft walk 121
Nathan Aul 25ft walk 120
Amelia English 180 sec hold 124
Jerik Hendrickson 48ft walk 61
Bradley Machov 8ft walk 100
Collin Arnett 88 sec hold 130
Halimah Alossaimi 86 sec hold 130
Mike Grewe 105 sec hold 90
Garrett Hoffman 87 sec hold 90

We’ve included the top 10 here because staff scores don’t count for the overall competition. Big up to Annalee Tomsicek¬†handstand walking miles and miles right across the finish line and up onto the 1st place podium for Event 4.

The team results for this event:

Team Hannalee 1
Nate/Bradley 2
P.V.C.O.M.G. 3
Jonathan/Halimah 4
M&Ms 5

Great work everyone!

For the virtual challenge we just did the handstand. Scores were seconds held in the handstand, with a modifier to make holding in a handstand against a wall worth more points than modifying with elevated feet. Individual results are as follows:

Handstand time (in seconds)
Daphne Sidor 176
Katie Fritz 145
Erin Walsh 130
Ewan Scotto 120
Lisa Priest 114

Great job Daphne Sidor! That is some serious upside-down prowess. 

The team results shook out like this:

Virtually… Possible?? 1
Labor and Deliverance 2
Virtual Insanity 3
Ewan/Megan 4
Halimah/Mary 5

Congrats to everyone! Week 4 was great!. Week 5 is comin’ at ya soon, and it’s going to be the ultimate doozie! See you Thursday (or Friday!)

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