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Event 2 of the Solcana Invitational was a doozie! Thanks to everyone who participated, you all rocked it.

Those of you that did it know: The Turkish Get Up really is truly a full-body lift. On top of that, it tests your balance, stability, mobility, endurance, so many things! Shout out to everyone who put up a big Turkish Get Up PR, or folks new to the movement who went heavy for the first time.

The individual ranking based on percentage of bodyweight are as follows:

Nathan Aul 1 (70#)
Collin Arnett 2 (72#)
Hannah Wydeven 3 (62#)
Jerik Hendrickson 4 (88.25#)
Mike Grewe 5 (84#)

Great job to Nate for another finish at the top of the podium, but Solcana staff don’t get the glory – Congrats to Collin Arnett for winning the event!

The team results for this event:

Nate/Bradley 1
M&Ms 2
P.V.C.O.M.G. 3
Team Hannalee 4
Jonathan/Halimah 5

As much a mental test as it is a strength test, the 3 minute situp test is something we have periodically thrown into the mix at Solcana for years. Again, a number of folks did the event two separate times and improved on the second round. WOW! So awesome.

The individual outcomes are as follows:

Name Reps
Ewan Scotto 129
Lara Friedman-Shedlov 118
Erin Walsh 117
Halimah Alossaimi 106
Brandon Stein 104

Congrats to Ewan Scotto for winning the event. That is SO MANY SITUPS, wow!

The team results for this event:

Ewan/Megan 1
Labor and Deliverance 2
Halimah/Mary 3
Moll ‘N Stein 4
Drop Deadlift Gorgeous 5

Congrats to everyone! Week 2 was great!. Week 3 is comin’ at ya soon! See you Thursday (or Friday!)


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