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…annnnnnnd we’re off!

Event 1 of the Solcana Invitational was awesome! Thanks to everyone who participated, you all did such an awesome job.

We chose the clean for our first indoor movement because it’s a great combination of power, mobility, stability, speed, and squat strength. A real bang for your buck! We’ve been slowly working our way from the power clean up to the full clean and last week all that work paid off with tons of PRs across the board. A number of folks, while maybe not setting a new PR, matched previous PRs or came close to them. During a global pandemic, that’s a pretty amazing feat! There were also several folks who maxed out their clean for the first time. I saw a few incidences of personal expectations being SMASHED, which is a great. Here’s a rundown of the indoor team rankings:

Team Rank
Nate / Bradley 1
M&Ms 2
P.V.C.O.M.G. 3
Jonathan / Halimah 4
Team Hannalee 5
Riley / Elizabeth 6
Team 420 7
Jeff/KK 8
Crystal/Dom 9
Team Cannon 10
Team ThunderFang 11
Nicole / Erik 12
QuaranTine Hunger Force 13
Brigit / Lisa 14
Liz / Katie 15

Individual top 5 for indoor based on weight lifted versus body weight were Nathan Aul, Jerik Hendrickson, then a tie for 3rd between Mike Grewe, Garrett Hoffman, and Jonathan Popko, 4th place to Hannah Wydeven and 5th to Riley Haberland. Coach/Staff scores won’t count toward individual rankings so Mike Grewe & Jonathan Popko will receive an event-winner prize. Congrats, Mike & Jonathan!

We chose the plank because like the clean, it’s a real one-stop-shop of a movement. Not only are they a test of core strength (something our virtual athletes know we have been hitting hard these days!) they require upper and lower body strength as well. A number of people did the plank on Thursday and then did it AGAIN the next day and improved their time substantially. Wow!

Here’s a rundown of the virtual team rankings:

Halimah/Mary 1
Moll ‘N Stein 2
Virtually… Possible?? 3
Drop Deadlift Gorgeous 4
Unmuted 5
Ewan/Megan 6
Labor and Deliverance 7
Virtual Insanity 8
The Forrest Hunts 9
The Diffusers 10
Elly/Tianna 11
The Seward Rats 12

The top 5 individual planks were from Halimah Alossaimi, Lara Friedman-Shedlov, Brandon Stein, Daphne Sidor, and Molly Hillstrom. Again, coach scores won’t count for individual rankings so Lara Friedman-Shedlov will receive and event-winner prize. Great job, Lara!

Congrats to everyone! Week 1 is in the bag. Week 2 is going to be great! See you Thursday (or Friday!)


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