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Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a little update on programming.

Prior to the Invitational we worked on lots of foundational things related to what would eventually be our weekly events. As we got closer, and then even during the Invitational, we focused on those movements specifically. In training this is called “specificity.” As you approach a goal, you want your training to become more and more specific. If you want a big squat, you gotta squat. If you want to throw real far, you gotta throw. Want to run a marathon? You have to run. You get it!

Now that we have finished the Invitational, which was 5 end goals, we’re going to take some time to be less specific. This doesn’t mean we will just willy nilly do any old thing any old day – there will still be structure. Our focus will just be a little more general. We’re going to do squats, deadlifts, presses, and all the old favorites. Right now is a time where can throw in some fun variations of these movements, accumulate a good deal of volume, and build some muscle. On top of that will be some work specifically on developing our core and also building up work capacity with some things that will get our heart rate up and make us breathe a little. With the weather, we can do some of those things outside! We’ll emerge stronger, fitter, and injury-proofed!

Here’s a look at indoor classes and what they’ll look like:

Monday Speed Front Squats: The key to lifting HEAVY weights is to accelerate the bar. Let’s learn how to do that with some speed work.
Tuesday Pressing: We will alternate between overhead and benching. Both are important. These days will typically be paired with an upper back pulling movement to even things out.
Wednesday Cleans: We’ll start with power clean variations and work our way towards full cleans
Thursday Snatch: Everyone’s favorite. We’ll also be starting with variations and moving toward the full movement. Don’t snooze on snatching.
Friday Squat Volume
Back squats, front squats, pauses, tempos, single leg stuff. Time to beef up the tree trunks.
Saturday Deadlifts. Lots of reps. Kinda fast. Similar to Monday, we want to develop speed and power with more of a focus on our backs and backside.

Accessory work will include all sorts of new and exciting things. There’s a heavy focus on core, and a mild focus on building up a lil bit of an engine. We won’t be doing full blown cardio workouts by any stretch of the imagination, but we’re going to sweat for sure.

Virtual class will have lots of new things as well, with a focus on all-around strength, and all around fitness. We’re going to start with a focus on lower body and back strength, with plenty of upper body and core elements sprinkled in throughout. I’m excited about these workouts!

We are working on preparing outdoor classes in the near future. Those will have workouts that echo the virtual programming, but modified to work in the number of fun fitness toys we will have at our disposal.

Looking forward to grindin’ with you all!


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