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We’ve got so much love for March’s Athlete of the Month: Allison Johnson Heist! Allison joined Solcana in January of 2018. You’ll usually see her in the mornings, but her dedication means you’ll find her at 5pm when her schedule requires it. She lives close by with her husband Kevin and “a super cutie little son,” according to Coach Hannah. “She became a mom right before the pandemic started and has been going through the rough stuff of parenting a little one during this insane time. In the gym she has come back from postpartum recovery and worked through back pain, always finding ways to make her workouts happen even when she had to completely change them to make them fit. I have really admired watching her work so hard, knowing that she is managing pain and also the exhaustion of being a parent.”

Allison approached challenges of 2020 with grace and a caring heart. She is a part of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church community, assisting with mutual aid collection and distribution, volunteer coordination and whatever else has needed doing over the past year for the East Lake area. Her day job focuses on racial justice, funding, program development and all around badassery. She graduated last year with a Masters in Leadership for Social Transformation!

“She is a delight to have in classes,” says Coach Jeff. “She seems to know exactly what her body needs in a workout and isn’t afraid to make changes to make it happen. Allison is a big part of the super dedicated Cold Toes, Warm Hearts outdoor crew.” A lifelong Minneapolitan, she’s not afraid to work out in the snow!

Coach Hannah adds “Allison is such a special person. She does everything she can to build up the people around her.Allison is so deeply kind and she will always stop and ask how you are and check in with you. I really enjoy her so much and I can’t wait to get her back into outdoor classes as the weather warms up. Allison we are so grateful that you are part of the Solcana community!”

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