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Well, we made it! Five weeks of events and many, many more weeks of training to work towards them. So many PRs! So many expectations surpassed! Our first Invitational was a blast. It was so cool to see everyone push themselves to the next level.

Let’s talk about event 5’s results.

We wanted the final event to be a real doozy. For virtual, this meant burpees of course. I mean, really, who didn’t see burpees coming? Here are the top 5 individual scores:

Name Burpees
Garrett Ferderber 48
Elly Fireside-Ostergaard 43
Erin Walsh 42
Lara Friedman-Shedlov 38
Ewan Scotto 37

Great job everyone. Garrett is a very fast human being, but he works here, so yet again he doesn’t get the GOLD. That goes to Elly Fireside-Ostergaard¬†this week. Congrats on winning this event, Elly!

Here’s how the top team rankings shook out for event 5:

Team Burpees
Virtually… Possible?? 83
Labor and Deliverance 71
Moll ‘N Stein 65
Drop Deadlift Gorgeous 65
Virtual Insanity 60
Ewan / Megan 58

Great work everyone! You’ve all got some serious lungs.

For the final indoor event we wanted another doozy. At first we considered the 20RM back squat. We worked on a 20RM several years ago, TO GREAT FANFARE. However, we’d been focusing more on big squat sets in the hypertrophy range, and 20 reps is getting into endurance territory. So we cut it back to a 10RM. Still certainly something to write home about! Past the 5th or 6th rep it becomes a real mental exercise. Great job everyone!

Here’s the top 10 squatters this week, and the weight they squatted. Scores were based on percentage of bodyweight.

Garrett Hoffman 240
Max Poessnecker 255
Nathan Aul 200
Hannah Wydeven 195
Bradley Machov 200
K. Korbitz 255
Jeff Lockhart 225
Collin Arnett 200
Mike Grewe 235
Riley Haberland 185

Another Garrett who works here in the top spot?! Amazing. Congrats to Max Poessnecker¬†for nabbin’ the real #1 spot.

The top 5 teams were as follows:

Nate/Bradley 1
M&Ms 2
Jeff/KK 3
Team Hannalee 4
Team 420 5

So, this brings us down to the overall scores. The Invitational is a team event. Here are the final scores for all the teams. We’ll start with virtual:

Team Rank
Virtually… Possible?? 1
Labor and Deliverance 2
Ewan/Megan 3
Moll ‘N Stein 4
Halimah/Mary 5 (tie)
Virtual Insanity 5 (tie)
Drop Deadlift Gorgeous 6
Unmuted 7
The Forrest Hunts 8
The Diffusers 9
Elly / Tianna 10
The Seward Rats 11

Great work virtual teams! Congrats to Virtually… Possible?? for grabbing the overall win. This is Garrett Ferderber and Daphne Sidor. We’ll make sure Daphne is handsomely rewarded.

Indoor team scores:

Team Rank
Nate/Bradley 1
M&Ms 2
P.V.C.O.M.G. 3
Team Hannalee 4
Jonathan/Halimah 5
Jeff/KK 6
Team 420 7
Nicole/Erik 8
Crystal/Dom 9
Perhaps You’ve Heard of Us 10 (tie)
Team Cannon 10 (tie)
Team ThunderFang 11
QuaranTine Hunger Force 12
Brigit/Lisa 13
Liz/Katie 14

Congrats to Team Nate/Bradley on the overall win. This is of course Nate Aul and Bradley Machov. We will make sure Bradley sees the gold.

Here are individual results for both virtual and indoor


Athlete Rank
Ewan Scotto 1
Garrett Ferderber 2 (tie)
Lara Friedman-Shedlov 2 (tie)
Daphne Sidor 3 (tie)
Erin Walsh 3 (tie)
Elly Fireside-Ostergaard 4
Brandon Stein 5
Lisa Priest 6
Hannah Wydeven 7
Halimah Alossaimi 8 (tie)
Katie Fritz 8 (tie)
Molly Hillstrom 9
Tony Hunt 10
Megan Kocher 11
Juliet Patterson 12
Beth Hilliard 13
Jess Finney 14 (tie)
Marlee Leebrick-Stryker 14 (tie)
Mary Stein 14 (tie)
Rachel Moritz 15
Bethany Burzynski 16 (tie)
Jenn Forrest 16 (tie)
Mary Pumphrey 17
Tianna Avery 18



Athlete Rank
Nathan Aul 1
Hannah Wydeven 2
Mike Grewe 3
Jerik Hendrickson 4
Garrett Hoffman 5
Bradley Machov 6
Max Poessnecker 7
Collin Arnett 8
Jeff Lockhart 9
Amelia English 10
Halimah Alossaimi 10
Erik Nielson 11
Annalee Tomsicek 12
Adam Quick 13
Jonathan Popko 14
K Korbitz 15
Riley Haberland 16
Crystal Harris 17
Dom Giesen 18
River Newell-Cline 19
Brigit Boler 20
Nicole Conti 21
Jeff Garcia 22
Ross Wolf 22
Britt Johnson 23
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field 23
Alicia Wheelock 24
Lisa Colburn 25
Shannon Kerr 26
Liz Babkin 27
Katie Jerome 28

Thanks again to everyone who took part. You all did such a great job stayed so consistent throughout the whole thing. Lots of very cool stuff has happened the last 5 weeks! Congrats to all.

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