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Indoor Event 5

For all in-person events, we will be testing during class on Thursday and Friday. You may attempt both days and submit your best score.

Event 5: 10RM Back Squat

You will have 15 minutes to establish a 10 rep max in the back squat.

Once the bar has left the rack, the set has begun. It may not return to the rack until the set is completed (or failed).

Athlete must start fully extended at the top, and hip crease must move below knees at bottom. If you cannot squat to depth in this way, please show your coach before beginning. Targets for depth are allowed.

You may rest at the top of a rep, but for no more than 30 seconds between reps.

Once you move up in weight, you may not move back down.


Virtual Event 5

For all virtual events, we will be testing at the beginning of each class on Thursday and Friday online. You may attempt both days and submit your best score. 

Event 5: Max Burpees in 2 minutes

The burpee starts from a standing position, chest must touch the ground on every rep, and you must jump at the top with feet leaving the floor, hips opening completely and arms overhead

Burpees can be jump back or step-back, both are acceptable. 

You have 2 minutes to complete this event and your score is the number of reps in that time.


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