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Indoor Event 3

For all in-person events, we will be testing during class on Thursday and Friday. You may attempt both days and submit your best score.

Event 3: 3RM Bench Press

For the 3RM bench press, the bar must start in the rack. Once the bar leaves the rack, the set has begun.

The bar must come all the way down, making contact with the chest. Arms must be fully extended at the top of each rep.

All three reps must be performed in a row before racking the bar. You may rest as long as you need at the top of each rep.

The lifters butt and feet must stay on ground for the entire set. If either come off the ground, the set will not be counted.

If the lifter wants a liftoff (assistance unracking the bar and/or reracking the bar upon completion), this is allowed. Once the first rep has begun, no one but the lifter may touch the bar.

Two side spotters are required for 3RM attempts.


Virtual Event 3

For all virtual events, we will be testing at the beginning of each class on Thursday and Friday online. You may attempt both days and submit your best score. 

Event 3: Hand-Release Pushups

For the hand-release push-ups the rep begins in a hand plank position. At the bottom of the pushup your chest must touch the floor and you will release your hands before pressing back up. 

Your knees cannot touch the floor.

You get one attempt and your score is number of reps completed in 4 minutes. 

The modified version of hand-release push-ups is from your knees. For these push-ups you will start on your knees and end with your chest on the floor and hands lifted. Then press up back into a knees position. 

You cannot press your butt back, hips must be forward and in line from shoulders to knees. 

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