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Hello everyone!

For many years, we’ve done an annual event (the Open) and we’ve always had a blast with it. Obviously, this year we’re in a weird position. In the past we’ve toyed with the idea of creating our own event. Given that we’re still navigating a pandemic coupled with no longer being affiliated with the company that handles the Open, 2021 seems like the perfect year to finally begin our own thing. Introducing the first ever Solcana Invitational.

What’s the Solcana Invitational?

After signing up, each participant will be put into a 2 person team. You and your teammate will be put in touch. You don’t have to attend the same classes, but you sure can! Event 1 will be announced in the evening of Wednesday February 24th. All classes on Thursday will focus on that event. There will also be opportunities to do the event on Friday classes. Both indoor and virtual classes will do this, although the events for each class type will be different. Every week through March 26th there will be a new event. If you can’t make it to a Thursday or Friday class, you and your partner have through that Sunday to submit your score.

Who is invited?

All of our members are invited! You will get an email formally “inviting” you, along with a registration form but if you’re a Solcana member, you’re in!

What are the events?

That’s a secret! Events will be announced every Wednesday. Programming leading up to all these events will be focused on these upcoming events, so you won’t be faced with anything you haven’t done before. Here’s what the next several weeks will look like:

Monday High rep back squats / handstands
Tuesday Turkish Get Ups / Overhead strength work / hanging+grip
Wednesday Cleans
Thursday Bench Press / Pulling strength+grip
Friday Heavy, lower rep back squats / handstands
Saturday Deadlifts


How do I join?

Join by clicking here to head to the registration page.


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