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Our first Athlete of the Month for 2021 is the wonderful Rachel Moritz!

Rachel and her wife Juliet joined Solcana in early 2019 after their child Finn took our classes, and has stuck with us through all the pivots of 2020 – including showing up online consistently week after week! You’ll most likely catch her in the morning or noon classes, but she is committed to getting her work outs in and shows up at all times to move her body. Coach Kk says “Rachel is a staple in outdoor Matthews Park! I appreciate her can-do/make this movement work for ME attitude. I love that she takes on any workout with an appreciation for her body and what it can do. I’ve seen Rachel grow from her first workout at Solcana into a confident, wonderful athlete.”

Coach Garrett Hoffman adds “Rachel is a great example of an athlete who listens to her body and modifies as needed. During outdoor workouts when we have new athletes who are nervous, I always cue them to watch Rachel because she is a great example. She asks questions when she isn’t sure of something. Rachel (and Juliet!) are fixtures at Biceps and Bros – talk about consistency! Rachel is funny, kind, and always a pleasure to coach.”

Rachel and her family live nearby in the Seward neighborhood. Anyone who’s done a virtual workout with them is definitely jealous of the sweet rope swing inside their house! Rachel is a published poet and author, and does cool work designing exhibits for museums. She is currently learning how to play the banjo.

“Rachel and her wife Juliet and their kid Finn are just an awesome addition to our Solcana Family. Rachel comes off as quiet when you first meet her, but once you get to know her she is funny, sincere and curious about others. She is just a wonderful, supportive person, and she makes everyone around her feel good just by being there. I’ve seen her step up many times to support a new person in class and make them feel welcome, in small acts like partnering with them, cheering them on or simply making friendly conversation,” says coach Hannah. “Rachel also follows her own pace in classes and sets a great example for how to make a workout your own. She doesn’t hesitate to modify as she needs or drop weight if necessary. She sets the standard for how to be consistent in your workouts without worrying about trying to show off for anyone else. I am so grateful to know Rachel and lucky to have her as part of the Solcana fam!!”


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