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December’s Athlete of the Month is the wonderful Riley Haberland!

Riley has been a part of the morning workout crew for over two years. If you’ve not made it to a 6am or 6:30am class you’ve missed out on a serious lifting buddy and some serious laughs.

Coach Jeff says “I met Riley doing Ragnar trail in 2018. Right away, I knew they needed to be a member of Solcana. Not only are they a super fast runner, but they have gotten so so strong by putting in the work. Riley has had a few injury setbacks along the way but they have continued to show up and do the work they were able to do. They are super funny and smart. Riley is also sneakily an amazing visual artist and baker. Best of all, Riley is unapologetically themselves. I think that quality encourages other people in the gym to feel welcome being themselves too.”

“Riley is a pleasure to coach and work with in every way,” says Coach Hannah. “They’ve also been such a great ambassador for Solcana, and have helped us expand our understanding of both Trans folks and Neurodivergent folks. They’ve provided us with so many ideas and tools to make Solcana a safer place and helped all of us coaches grow.”

Riley spends their days as Senior Membership Development and Technology Manager for HOURCAR. They and their partner Lucy just bought a home in St. Paul where they live with cats Lionel and Marnie. Their baking skills came up multiple times when compiling this post! Coach Jerik said “Riley always makes me laugh and works hard. One time they kind of humbly bragged about being a master of making baked goods. A couple weeks later they brought some cookies to the gym, and wow. Hands down the best cookie I think I’ve ever had. I still think about it.”

Coach KK brings the warm fuzzies: “I love Riley so so much and for so many reasons. They’re kind, reassuring, direct and honest. I’ve come to know them as a hard-working, consistent athlete who advocates for needs of others. Riley has become one of my closest friends and someone that I trust to ask for honest feedback, in the gym and out. Riley is aware of their strengths and areas of growth and I’ve enjoyed getting to be a part of their fitness journey at the gym.”

Thanks for being you, Riley!

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