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Name: Amanda Leeman

Pronouns: She/Her

Where are you from originally? Richfield, MN

How did you get involved in fitness?

I was always athletic as a kid, I played hockey growing up (14 years to be exact) and dabbled in softball, cross country, lacrosse. When I found CrossFit, it was because I was bored with body building and wasn’t getting any stronger…. I guess I just always wanted to lift a house! After a few years of ripping my hands & struggling to master double-unders, I officially started to focus predominately on Olympic style weightlifting and TRULY fell in LOVE.

Why do you love to coach?

I love to see that little “light bulb” go off for folks. Even if it’s the smallest glimmer of progress, it is so rewarding. I think my passion truly comes in the form of being the person/coach I’ve always wanted. Supportive, attentive, inclusive, playing no favorites + just being a genuine human. Oh, and it’s fun, obviously! You are under time constraints and have to adjust to being creative under the gun – which makes me feel challenged + engaged.

What do you like to do when you’re not working out?

I love being lazy. Binge watching Netflix shows while chugging an absolutely rude amount of coffee fills me with a lot of joy. But I also like to read (I have a new way of organizing a book that will hopefully keep me on track). And my doggo – Bane – takes up a lot of my time. He just turned 1 and is extremely under socialized, so working with him so he’s healthy + safe is a top priority. My partner David also owns his own DIY streetwear brand called, “Collapsing Sun” and I help (kinda sorta) with that.

What is a fact we may not know about you?

I’m Straight Edge – and I am 8 years sober! So, I love hardcore/punk music, but I also really dig old emo music like: The Used, Underoath and Senses Fail. In fact, I listen to that more often than not LOL.

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