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Our October’s Athlete of the Month is Jessica Tokunaga! Jess and her husband Brian joined Solcana a little over a year ago after moving here from the Bay Area.

“In the gym Jess is super consistent, a hard worker, and always open to feedback from a coach. I love seeing her in my classes and I am so grateful when I see her name on my list because I know it’s going to be a good day,” says Coach Hannah. “Even when she struggles or is frustrated with the world, Jessica brings the best version of herself wherever she goes. I really love having her here and I am thankful she chose Solcana as her gym home!!”

Jessica does a great job of listening to her body and asking for scaling options or changing weights as needed. It’s a delight to see her meet her body where it is every day. Coach Garrett H says “she’s great at receiving and integrating feedback, and is clearly committed to her own progress and education around fitness.”

Outside of the gym, Jess is a nonprofit researcher focusing in public health. Jessica and Brian enjoy exploring near and far, from long bike rides in Minnesota to international travel. According to Hannah, “Jess definitely approaches life with curiosity and a sense for adventure. She has traveled all over the world! She is the best person to talk to about travel and food, and will give you so many tips about good restaurants.”

Congratulations Jessica!

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