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I am so thrilled to announce an addition to our Fit From Home program: JOY & CONNECTION with Lauren Anderson & Jess Finney

Joy & Connection is a 12-week small-group program for people who are ready to break away from diet culture and embrace the awesomeness of their body.

The program is COMPLETELY ONLINE so folks can stay safely at home, and still get access to high-quality coaching and personal accountability.

  • 12-weeks starting September 28th
  • 3x online workout classes per week, built for all bodies, no equipment required
  • Shame-free food education to give you tools and knowledge
  • No weight-loss talk or diet plans
  • 1-on-1 accountability with Jess Finney and Lauren Anderson
  • Personalized modifications to move your body with joy
  • Weekly reflections and group support
  • Achievable micro-goals to help you tune into your body


What would it be like to workout with people like you, and learn from body-affirming coaches in a positive environment? What would it be like to take part in purposeful health conversations that aren’t layered in fat-phobia? Come find out by trying this group with us.

Lauren Anderson is a talented comedian and all-around inspiring wonderwoman. She has been part of the Solcana family for years as our queen blogger, talking about her experiences with health, her trials and tribulations around self-esteem and self-love, and her personal journey with food and fitness.

Jess Finney is a therapist and competitive powerlifter. She has been a Solcana athlete for many years, and has been through ups and downs of managing injuries, training setbacks, as well as her own relationship with food as it relates to training. She has competed in meets and can squat over 300# like an absolute BOSS.

Jess and Lauren will be working with this small group of JOY & CONNECTION participants to facilitate conversation, connect with each person individually, and help hold the group accountable toward the unified goal of embracing your body and finding curiosity around movement.

Interested in learning more or signing up? email owner [email protected] to set up a conversation today.



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