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The 30-day pull-pull challenge is guaranteed to get you feeling strong and EXCITED!

30 days to add 10+ lbs to your 3 RM deadlift, and 1+ reps to your strict pull-ups.

Oct 26th – Nov 25th
3 Rep Max Deadlift
Max effort single set Strict Pull-ups

$59 registration fee includes:

+ 5 extra indoor classes in that 30 day period

+ 2x per week at home programming

+ Nutrition content focused on increasing your strength

+ Private small accountability group for everyone in the challenge

+ Weekly tips and tricks to improve your pull


How the challenge works: 

The week of Oct 26th you will test your 3 rep max deadlift and max set of strict pull-ups. Pull-ups can also be modified with a band, or seated version. We will be training these two movements throughout the week and you will get additional pulling strength work to complete at home. The week of Nov 25th you will retest your 3 RM and set of pull-ups.

Most improved and best overall will get prizes! Those prizes will be gift cards to local Black-owned businesses in the area. We will give you a list to choose from so you absolutely love your prize!

Support our small business, support Black-owned business, get extra classes, improve your strength, what could be better?!

Not an indoor athlete? You can still participate in:

The 30-Day Tracker Challenge

$19 registration fee gets you

+ A 30-day workout tracker

+ Weekly motivation

Submit your completed tracker to win gift cards from local Black-Owned businesses!


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