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August’s Athlete of the Month is Heather Stratton!

Heather’s been a Solcana member for over a year and is committed to putting in the work of her fitness journey. Coach Garrett Hoffman says “Heather is an incredibly consistent and dedicated athlete whose drive and motivation are enviable! I love watching Heather as she constantly strives to improve her form on each and every movement.”

Heather lives in south Minneapolis with her wife and fellow Solcanaut Daphne and their dogs, Tansy and Pecan. Check out their sweet fitness dungeon! Outside of Solcana, Heather keeps active with swimming, biking and tap dancing. This fall she’s attending law school, and we’re sure her focus and drive will find success in whatever she tackles.

Coach Hannah says: “Heather started with us in [Em]Power Strength 1.0 and 2.0, and always took her lifting very seriously, focusing on her form and never jumping up in weight until she was ready. She easily transitioned into other classes and is now an absolute beast at every workout she does. Something that has always impressed me about Heather is her ability to get out of her own way. She is not stubborn, and when she hits an obstacle she never lets herself get mentally blocked for long. When you offer her a little push or coaching she receives it with open arms and will try anything.  She has an incredible work ethic and knows that little stuff adds up. Also she is funny and sweet and always so kind. I love Heather so much!””

Heather had an ankle injury last winter and watching her recovery was amazing. She never complained and took the time to work on the small stuff until she saw progress and now is back to full strength. That tenacity got her through lock-down fitness; we all know zoom-fatigue is real yet Heather showed up (and continues to show up!) online day after day for virtual work outs throughout the ups and downs of 2020.

Coach Jeff sums up Heather perfectly: “She attends consistently, works hard, and is so positive and coachable.” Indeed. Make sure to cheer Heather on next time you get to work out beside her!

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