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Congratulations to July’s Athlete of the Month, Matthew Rubbelke! As Coach Hannah says, “Matt is the kind of person you immediately want to get to know. He is warm and open, and makes you feel special right away! He is an incredible energy to have in class and probably won “best smile” in his high school superlatives.”

Matt joined Solcana last fall to supplement his existing fitness activities as a runner, swimmer and musical theater performer (you may have seen him at the Ordway, Children’s Theater or Theater Latte Da!). He’s currently training for a marathon and teaches adult swimming classes at the Y. “Matt has a bright, uplifting presence. I’ve enjoyed having him in class and when I’ve had the chance to workout with him. He’s good humored, always working hard and encouraging. He has this quiet intensity that is easy to feed off of and feel energized by! Not to mention, he’s a running BEAST!” says Coach KK.

Matt serves as one of the cleaners at Solcana and works hard to keep the gym clean. During quarantine he’s been a regular at Biceps and Bros. Previously he most often attended 6:30am Crossfit, but regularly tackled Friday night’s Fun Times with Ryan challenges. When things are open you can find him at the Lowry, Parlour or Pizza Luce. While sheltering in place, he’s enjoyed sipping Old Fashioneds on his rooftop with his partner Tommy. Capricorns are known to be diligent, so perhaps that’s why he likes playing Animal Crossing.

Coach Garrett Hoffman says “I always get so excited when Matt’s name pops up on the zoom! A smile from Matt will make even the baddest of days better. His energy is so caring and wholesome. Matt works his tail off in Biceps and Bros and his work ethic and strength are a definite inspiration to me.”

Thanks for being a member of the Solcana community Matt!

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