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With so many amazing athletes showing up to online classes, we have to celebrate two for May! Congratulations to Ewan Scotto and Josh Humphrey – both super consistent athletes who are stepping up to home workouts. Coach Hannah says  “now that we are virtual, Ewan has totally embraced this time in their fitness journey and even brought their partner Elly on board for classes. It’s so adorable and inspiring to see the two of them do the classes together in their living room! Josh is frequently in the virtual classes, and now he is also working on a personalized program to get a strict handstand push-up while he is at home. We have had a bunch of virtual chats since our doors closed and I feel like I have gotten to know him in a new way than when we would see each other in the gym.”


Ewan joined Solcana a year ago through the beginner strength program. Coach Jenn remembers “it was so fun to watch them realize their own strength and develop it. Ewan’s work ethic and incredible positivity and self-awareness is something I admire! It’s a joy to be around Ewan and I’m so glad they decided to make Solcana part of their family.”

“Ewan is a light!” Coach Hannah adds. “They have gone out of their way to help Solcana grow and reach new people, and have been one of our biggest supporters since starting with us. On top of that they are incredibly dedicated to moving well and it really shows! They did the pull-up program and had a laser vision on getting their pull-up game.”

Coach KK says “Ewan is a genuine, compassionate and spirited human. They are consistently hardworking, curious, and open about what is frustrating them, but also compassionate toward themselves and their body. They are a true leader. I’ve loved getting to know them, and they have the best sense of humor.”

Josh started at Solcana two years ago as he was finishing law school. He quickly became a fixture in evening classes, attending over 200 a year! Coach Hannah says Josh “has lots of goals, but has a great perspective on taking his time to achieve them and doesn’t mind putting in the effort. He works hard and really makes people around him feel valued and listened to. Josh is a super genuine person and cares deeply about the people around him.”

Josh’s attention to detail in fitness and friendship is easy to see. Coach KK says “Josh cheers everyone on, from the time he steps foot through the door to the time he leaves for the day. He works hard, and seeks out ways to keep moving forward. I love his answers to the question of the day and look forward to them when he’s in class.”  Coach Garrett H adds “Josh is always asking questions, which is indicative of his dedication to movement and to our community.”

Give Ewan and Josh some cheers next time you get to workout (virtually) beside them.


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