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Carrie just uttering “hello?!” is enough to get giggles out of her fellow athletes. Spend a whole workout with her and you’re sure to laugh.

Coach Jenn says “I knew Carrie before she came to us and I am SO GLAD she is here. She took body adapt and beginner strength and then transitioned to CF. She’s such a bright light and her humor is incomparable. Carrie performs around town every so often and I would highly recommend going to see her.” Also of importance: she is Jenn’s dog Louie’s #1 auntie and babysitter.

“Carrie is so funny, and even in the face of COVID she brings so much joy to the people around her. When she walks into a class everyone lights up because they look forward to spending time with her. She is patient and kind, but also wields a sardonic wit that just gets me in the right spot,” Coach Hannah says. “She recently dealt with a back injury and felt like she was losing her gains, BUT we worked together on some form stuff and she worked really hard to perfect her positions. Then she PR’ed her deadlift!!! It was so cool to see. Carrie is a gem and we are so lucky to have her.”

Coach KK adds “I love how Carrie can make any challenge into an opportunity. She’s made the transition from Body Adapt to CrossFit and blossomed into a full on badass strength athlete. She participated in Sampson’s impromptu Powerlifting meet and absolutely crushed it. It’s so cool to see her take on new movements and make smart choices for her body. I adore her.”

After the Powerlifting meet she felt like she had more in her, so retested within a week and PR’ed her deadlift at that point. Carrie can strict press 110#s, so she’s basically a super hero and well deserving of the title Athlete of the Month! Thanks for all your hard work Carrie!


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Girl you are INCREDIBLE xx

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