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This is a crazy time. We are all stuck at home trying to flatten the curve, but also going a little stir-crazy. Over at Solcana we are also trying to keep our small business going. To address both those needs, we are now offering virtual fitness classes! For the last week we have been testing these classes with our current members, and now we are offering them to everybody else.

For a sliding scale price, you can join us in these virtual classes every day of the week! The price is $35+ per month. You can choose your price based on what you can afford, and that cost can change each month we continue to provide the service.

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Each day we offer virtual classes at different times throughout the day. You can participate live, or you can watch it back later at a time that is more convenient for you. Check out our schedule:


CrossFit is our standard class, with a mixture of strength and cardio elements, no equipment required and there are options for weighted and unweighted movements. “Biceps and bros” is our body building class, it requires you have access to something weighted, but a jug of water or can of soup will do (also, not just for bros). Yoga chill is stretchy times before bed, and Yoga flow is a Vinyasa style.


Why Solcana?

Let’s be honest, there are tons of digital fitness options out there, so why choose Solcana? We are a woman-owned, queer-centered, body-affirming, fat-positive, social-justice minded, trauma informed gym with coaches who truly love their clients and want them to enjoy movement in their body.

Our coaching staff is made up of a variety of bodies, identities and abilities. We don’t hire based on what people can do or what they look like, we hire based on their love for the work. Your digital membership goes directly to supporting the income of our staff and keeping them employed.

Our digital fitness classes are not about losing weight or trying to achieve the “right” body. They are about having fun, finding joy in a dark time, and improving your mental and physical wellness. Join us today to get started.

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