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Here at Solcana, we will continue to operate business as usual until we hear otherwise from the Minnesota Department of Health. Our recommendations for our athletes are as follows:

People with compromised immune systems and folks over 60 should not attend classes or events at the gym.

If you have been or are currently sick please stay away until you are AT LEAST 48 hours symptom-free. You may not have COVID-19, but staying home when sick until symptom-free is a good thing to be doing all the time, not just during a pandemic. Please be mindful that any sickness is a good reason to stay home. The extra days really help cut down on the transmission of most pathogens.

Symptom-free means: no fever, no cough, no sore throat, no congestion, etc. for two full days.

WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN. More often than you think is reasonable. Wash your hand BEFORE class and AFTER class, at least. Also wash your hand if you sneeze, cough or touch your nose/mouth.

The gym is cleaned daily, and we will continue to keep up with rigorous cleaning practices. We ask that you help us by wiping down every piece of equipment you used during class. Including the pull-up bars, barbells, dumbbells, etc.

No high-fives, handshakes, hugs or unnecessary touching. This one is going to be hard. Please remind one another and find alternative ways to celebrate how awesome your friends are in the gym!

If we have to cancel classes due to coach illness, we will post notifications on WODify.

We will be limiting any other events in the gym outside of classes. The Olympic Weightlifting Meet is still scheduled to take place, and we will let you know in April if that needs to change.

Starting next week on Monday the 16th, we will be offering an at-home workout for all athletes. If you cannot come to the gym, please check the WODify app, and under the drop-down menu select “At Home Workout”. You will be able to sign into the “At Home” class each day and enter your scores there. You can see the whiteboard of everyone else who has done the workout that day and track your scores.

Under a quarantine or other emergency circumstance, you can expect that we will continue to offer at-home options for you. We cannot place holds or freezes on accounts due to illness but will keep you updated if that changes with changing circumstances. Thank you for being flexible with us and helping us remain a viable business during an unfortunate time.

Thank you!
Hannah & The Solcana Team

March 13 update: Classes will be limited to 6 people for the time being to maintain the social distancing suggestions by Gov. Walz. Monday, March 16 is when our at-home fitness options will be rolled out!

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