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Mike Carri came to Solcana in early 2019 for [Em]Power Strength, and quickly became a fixture of almost every class. He dives in to everything from Active Mobility to Olympic Weightlifting, frequently taking two classes a day to chip away at each area he wants to improve in. His dedication moved him quickly from a novice to a Game Day competitor. According to Coach Marijke, Mike is “currently working through old CrossFit Open workouts during open gym, which is both inspiring and crazy.”

When asked about himself, Mike said “My greatest athletic accomplishment is failing to finish a 100k race, having run 95 kilometers of it. But 95% is still an A. I’ve done a half dozen triathlons and about the same number of regular marathons. I had stage IV lymphoma when I was 27 which is when I stopped running as as a sport and started experimenting with other activities, my favorite color is blue, my most favorite movement is thrusters, my least favorite movement is thrusters, and on my goal list for 2020 is getting Petey to like me.”

“He genuinely has no fear as an athlete and is pretty much willing to try anything. Maybe he doesn’t always love it when I tell him to back off, but he does always listen,” says Coach Hannah. “He puts in a lot of work on his weaknesses and has improved really fast. He’s also a super funny human with a sly wit, and he is a great person to be around. I think he has a spark that makes people want to have him around. I love having Mike C here!”

“Mike is an extremely thoughtful and committed athlete, fun to workout with and an all around great person,” Coach Garrett adds. “If you do not know him well you might never know that he has lived through a very intense battle with cancer and the recovery that comes with that. Long term side effects of surviving that experience continue to affect his athletic abilities. Despite difficulties, he is steadfast in his resolve to do everything he can to improve. I’m so glad that he has taken to CrossFit and come to Solcana. His determination and progress have been inspiring to see. And it is great to have someone around who is as excited, fun and supportive as him.”

Coach Ryan sums him up well: “Mike is just the best. He’s fun, enthusiastic, and passionate about exercise. He usually has a funny take on the question of the day that makes me laugh. If you have a chance to take a class with Mike, do it!”

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