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Nick Cross was one of Solcana’s first members and has been a consistent staple of the 5:30am class since 2014. Coach Jeff fondly remember’s Nick’s start: “his very first class was just him at 5:30 am. It was an outside workout and a guy in the alley offered to sell him some shoes. He kept coming to those early morning classes.”

When talking about Nick, the words kind and consistent came up repeatedly. Coach Hannah says Nick “doesn’t do his workouts to impress other people, he does them in a sustainable way that allows him to come back to fitness year after year, and to be the best version of himself outside of the gym. He is an endurance athlete so he is really able to just keep grinding away and making progress. He is a wonderful human with so much love to share with other people. He has been here since Solcana was in its infancy, and has been through all of our aches, pains and growth spurts with a smile on his face. I love having him in my class!”

Coach Ryan remembers Nick’s Murph efforts: “he’s got a quiet persistence that’s fun to watch. His push-ups were getting tough but he kept at them and took a measured rest but never wavered.” These photos from 2019’s Murph show his resolve, even through heavy rain!

Nick spends his days as a School Social Worker in Minneapolis Public Schools, focusing on 2nd and 5th graders. He’s also a father to two awesome kids; “they are seriously the sweetest kids and are so wonderful to be around,” says Hannah.

Set your alarms early to workout with diligent, kind Nick!



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