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Congratulations to December’s Athlete of the Month – Molly Van Avery!

Since joining Solcana, Molly has been a consistent presence at mid morning CrossFit classes. She shows up with an incredibly kind, supportive and enthusiastic attitude. Molly embraced the Open, tackling workouts with a smile regardless of the challenge. For the 20.5 heat she took part in all the 10lb wall balls were taken so she did the whole work out with a 14lb ball, like a champ!

Coach Rica says “Molly brings all the uplifting energy to the gym! Anytime she’s in my class, her energy and encouragement has been infectious! Combined with her playfulness and joy, she’s a great athlete to coach and great partner for team workouts. She makes our classes feel alive and that is such a gift!”

“Molly gives the very best compliments that feel so from the heart and a reflection of her deep love for life and those she shares it with,” Coach Garret weighs in. “She approaches all this complicated fitness stuff with the eyes of a beginner and so is ready to learn.”

Coach Hannah adds “It’s hard to believe Molly has only been here for a short time – it already feels like she is woven into the fabric of our community. I love her so much and she picks everyone around her up and helps them float. She is a phenomenal friend, a brilliant artist and writer, and a loving mama.”

Molly came to Solcana at a big transition point in life. “After I made a baby and gave birth, I wondered what else my body was capable of. Solcana and the community I have found inspires me to be in a different relationship with my strength and the risks and efforts I make at the gym are helping my take bigger risks creatively, professionally, and emotionally,” she says. “Harper, my 2 year old, came with me last Sunday and said ‘the gym is my favorite home,’ and I feel the same way.”

Learn more about Molly’s life outside the gym on her website, and be sure to cheer her on next time you see her working out.

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Molly VanAvery

Oh my goodness I literally cried when I read this. I’m honored!!

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