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Well, the Crossfit Open is over. 2019 was a bit wild with TWO Open seasons in one year, but it is finally on the shelf for another year. So what’s next?


Normally we have an annual Fall Challenge, but the weird double Open this year sort of messed that up. Not wanting to double down on a gym-wide challenge AND the Open, we’ve decided this year there will be a Solcana Spring Challenge instead. The challenge will be a workout that will include heavy cleans, toes to bar, and double unders. In February we’ll do the workout, then we will begin a cycle specifically working towards retesting. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! This post is about the cycle BEFORE the challenge cycle.


From right now (mid-November) to the end of January will be a dual prep and surviving-the-holidays cycle. We’ll be doing lots strength building with heavy squats/deadlifts, Olympic lifting fundamentals, and plenty of gymnastic skills to get everyone working toward toes to bar by the end of winter for the challenge. Sprinkled into warmups and workouts will be a focus on a couple of things we see a lot of people needing: strength in the core and the upper back. Because this is a prep cycle, we can also mess around with fun stuff like agility drills and all sorts of fun stuff that I’m sure folks will react with “Did Jerik make this up?” But I didn’t! Strength class is going to compliment all of the Crossfit programming, keeping the fan-favorite Strongperson day.


Here’s a rundown:


Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat/Sun
Crossfit Front Squats (lots of reps) Longer workout with a lift in it. Snatch EMOMs + accessory work Gymnastics heavy day + short spicy metcon Deadlift / Agility Overhead + Clean variations + lighter back squats
Strength Snatch Day with Hannah Strongperson Day Push / Pull Heavy Back Squat Trans/NB/GNC Strength with Kaitlin


For next week (18th-24th), Thursday and Friday will be switched around. But that will only be for the one time.


The holiday season can be tough for fitness! There’s a whole lot of LIFE happening. If you know you are going to be affected – I recommend making Tuesday and/or Friday your priority days to get the most bang for your buck. Tuesday strength is a solid choice too if your time is limited and you just want to pick up something heavy.


If the holidays don’t affect you as much and you want to use this prep cycle to PREP IT UP, but you’re not sure what you want to focus on – I recommend Snatch Day with Hannah in strength class, the longer workout day (Tues) in Crossfit, and the gymnastics heavy day. “But that’s all the stuff I don’t like.” I KNOW THAT’S WHY I PICKED THEM.

It’s going to be a great time. If you have any questions about the programming, send them to [email protected]


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