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Congratulations everyone! Another year of the Open is done. I personally really enjoyed the workouts this year, and I will definitely be retesting them in another 6 months to see how I do. 20.5 was particularly epic, as some people got their very first pull-ups and it was AMAZING to watch.

Congratulations Nate on winning the workout this week! So incredible to be able to do 21 muscle-ups during that workout. Also big shout-out to Pat, Geo, Ryan, Michael and Aaron for getting any muscle-ups. Really wonderful everyone!!!

The top team this week was Pastamania, sealing the deal for their overall victory in the Open!! Snatch Pistols confirmed their second place spot, and Friends with Benefitness and Jerik is my Homeboy tied for third! Adventures in CrossFit showed up outta nowhere this week with a second place finish – good work friends.

To be eligible for the overall rankings, you had to have completed all 5 workouts. With that all in mind, Pat Staiger was our champion this year. So good to see you dominate this year Pat!!! We all need to give it up for this awesome friend who puts in so much time and energy into his workouts, but also into the people around him. Thank you for being you Pat, we just love having you here.

I am just beaming with pride when I look at this list, because all 20 of those top athletes put everything they had into each week, including costumes, counting for other people, being so present and just kicking some serious butt. I really appreciate all that you put into the Open and everything else you do here.

So, our prize recipients this year will be:
Overall athlete: Pat Staiger
Top Team: Pastamania (Bobby, Sasha, Marijke, Geo)
Spirit of the Open: Jonathan Popko!!!!

Jonathan is totally deserving of our Spirit of the Open award this year. Not only did he always come to FNL dressed fully to the theme, he also brought snacks! Last week he brought cheetos and carrots to match the orange theme. Amazing. Beyond just being coordinated, Jonathan also really improved even since 6 months ago, and was able to do Gold in all of the workouts. He really brought everyone’s energy up and kept us all going during those brutal workouts. Thank you Jonathan for being so wonderful.

Winners – Jerik and I will get you all your prizes next week.

Shout-outs from 20.5

  • HUGE shout-out to Mike C. for doing Platinum on every workout this year!! Mike has only been here for a little while and has really taken a shine to CrossFit. Great job dude, we all noticed how much you crushed it.
  • Collette says “Big shout out to Rachel Silver who before starting told me “I’m gonna do silver but I can’t do pull-ups” and then proceeded to, after crushing 200 reps in 11 minutes, do her first FIVE pull-ups!! It was awesome.”
  • ERIN WALSH EVERYBODY!!!! 22 pull-ups after telling me she had done only 1 pull up in her life up to that point.
  • Katie Fritz also got her first ever pull-up during 20.5, it was so cool.
  • Ryan B. gave it everything he had and busted out 3 muscle-ups!
  • Amelia added “For this week, I got to count for Jeannette and she made rowing look fun! She is soooooo fast, and she went in not confident she’d get any pull-ups and then fought through eight in eight minutes! It was super inspiring to watch.”

Overall this was a really wonderful Open season, and I am so excited to continue to watch you all grow. Every time we do this I see so much improvement from everyone. Thank you all for participating!

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