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So far 20.4 has been my favorite workout of the year. I didn’t expect to love it because it was another 20 minute grinder, but I loved doing it and even more so, I loved watching people do it. There were so many clean and jerk PR’s!

Pat and Garrett tied for first this week! Both of them got through the 185# clean and jerks AND completed 30 reps of pistol squat. Pistols are super hard, so this is a HUGE accomplishment. Neither of them had much time to recover before going for 225#, but it was cool just to see them get that far. Also there is a whole bunch of folks who did Gold or Silver and got really close to actually finishing the workout, which is a feat unto itself. Really great work!

Pastamania once again sits on top, and pulls into the lead over Snatch Pistols in the overall. They only have a 1-point difference going into the final workout, so it is still anyone’s game. Jerik is my Homeboy and Friends with Benefitness are neck and neck in the battle for third place. They both even stand a chance to pop up to 2nd place if they do very well in 20.5.

Shout-outs from this week:

  • I want to give a shoutout to coach Kaitlin who did the hot tips e-mail this week and ran the ship so I could do halloween stuff with Ezra. It felt great to be supported in that way and know that everything was going well without my help!
  • On that same note, Kaitlin says “I’d like to shout out coach Jerik. I just really appreciate Jer’s ability to simultaneously take on a task and also be lighthearted and funny. It kept me calm on Thursday night when looking at all the possibilities for our scaling. Love ya, buddy.”
  • Garrett has a bunch of shout-outs this week! “Hannah W, who made Platinum look easy all the way to the pistols and even then kept trying, failing, trying again to get 17, all with a smile on her face.”
  • Mike G got a C&J PR, and then did it 6 more times.
  • Jeanette S tried, failed and kept trying again and ended up getting 4 reps of her heavy C&J.”
  • “And of course, Pat S, who finished what he could do about 3 minutes before anyone else was even close.”
  • Ryan adds “Shout out to Ry who asked me what the right track was for them and did it anyway even though they didn’t like the answer.
  • And Rica says “Shout out to Riley!!!! Did gold and crushed it and pushed himself in the workout!”
  • Lastly I have to add a shout-out for Jonathan P, who was wearing a Bob’s Burgers costume THE ENTIRE workout, and had to put pieces on and off throughout to maintain mobility.”

Last week is our final workout, so just keep pushing buddies! I know that 5-weeks can feel really long, but we are almost done with this competitive training block, and then we can go back to normal life for a while. Thank you for everyone who is participating, you all make it so fun!

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