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Congratulations to our Athlete of the Month: Jenessa White!

Jenessa with Sasha, hanging at FNL

I had to check several times to make sure that Jenessa had not already been athlete of the month, because she is such a huge part of the fiber of Solcana that it seems preposterous that she has not already gotten this nod. In the past she has won the Spirit of the Open award for being such an incredible cheerleader for her teammates and everyone else, and this year is no different. She missed one week for a vacation and her absence at Friday Night Lights was palpable!

Jenessa is a brilliant person and all-around incredible human. She is a natural and inspirational leader, and she motivates people around her through words but also through action. She commits to everyone in her life and just watching her move through the world makes the people around her want to be better people. She is a software engineer during the day, and a football player for the Minnesota vixens at night. Jenessa has become a big deal over at the Vixens, which should be no surprise. When she steps into a situation she is magically able to become a leader instantly, because she is charismatic, charming and an easy person to talk to.

At the gym, Jenessa has dealt with coming back from football injuries, and never stops working on herself even when she has a setback. She will push you to do more than you thought you could and keep you moving if she is judging your workout, or just in a class with you. It should be no surprise that Jenessa has her own history of being a certified coach.

Kaitlin adds “It’s no secret Jenessa is one of my favorite people. I simply adore her motivation, aspiration, growth mindset and constant and unending support for everyone around her. Her presence in any room is warm and encouraging; people legitimately light up when she walks in the room.  She’ll show up for you no matter what; when I’ve felt low or nervous or unsure, she’s been there with a kind word and a hug and then she’s like “now it’s time to give it your all”. I love watching her workout because once she commits, she is 110 percent all in let’s do this. I can’t say enough about how much I love Jenessa.”

We are so thankful for her presence at the gym every single day, and we want to honor her badassness this month!

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Jenessa is my daughter. She is awesome and I have known that since the day she was born!

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