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20.3 was a fun little repeat of 18.4 and it was a fun one to do again! This time I saw a lot of people really challenge themselves on the deadlift weight, and do some incredibly difficult pushup reps. Great work!


Congratulations Pat!! Pat almost made it to the first set of handstand walking, which is very impressive. The second weight for the platinum deadlift was 315#, which is SUPER heavy. Congrats to everyone who did platinum, it’s so impressive to watch you do handstand pushups, especially with such a tough standard. Pastamania (Bobby, Sasha, Marijke, Geo) shot into the lead this week after coming in fourth place in 20.2. In fact, they all did so well that it bumped them up to tie for 1st with the snatch pistols. Watch out snatch pistols!

For those of you who did this workout in 2018, you can check out the nifty comparison Matt Decuir put together for us. Click this link and you will see how well you did this year compared to 2018!

Shout-outs 20.3

  • Hannah says “Shout-out to the 9:30 am class for letting me show up late with baby in tow and still letting me workout and cheering me on!”
  • Amelia “Shout out to Max’s upside-down and backwards white visor. Such 90s spirit.”
  • Ryan adds “Shout out to Jess Finney for both her effort on Friday night and her willingness to score me on Saturday morning. It’s ~10 mins of her life she will never get back.”
  • Garrett says “Shout out to Mike C, who did Platinum as a challenge having only done HSPU a couple times before.”
  • Big time shout-out to anyone who improved between 2018 and 2020, particularly to Kira for adding 16 reps platinum, and to Daphne for adding 45 reps to her silver score. Amazing progress!! And to everyone who was able to level up, that is rad!!!

This week is HALLOWEEN week!!! We are not going to have our normal spooky halloween workout on Thursday because instead we are making Friday a full halloween hangover day. Wear your costume, or just part of your costume, to any class on Friday to do 20.4 I expect amazing costumes from folks at Friday Night Lights!

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