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Happy June, everyone! So many reasons to celebrate this month: It’s summer, it’s Solcana’s 5th birthday, and it’s PRIDE month! This month we are recognizing two very special athletes, Ruben Soto-Acosta and Ry Macarayan! They are both inspiring people who have been working hard so give them a high five when you see them around!

Ry is nominated by Coach Jenn: “Ry is a body adapt alum, and [Em]Power alum and is just so dedicated and wonderful. Watching them realize their own strength and power in BA was pretty magical.” Coach Hannah adds “Ry is so special, they are just the damn best. I love watching them support a lifting partner because they put their whole body behind it. You know when someone like… does a squat while they watch someone do a squat because they just want the person to succeed so much? That’s Ry.” Coach Kaitlin says “Ry is just incredible. Their presence in trans strength is such an asset. They just have good energy!! Whether it’s cheering their partner in a workout or listening during the question of the day, I love the strength they put into all of the love they have for their peers.”


Coach Rica nominated Ruben, saying “He has been putting in the work! He has improved tenfold and gives any endurance folks a run for their money. He’s engaged and is really building relationships with folks. Ive just been so impressed with his performance and his overall athleticism.” Coach Ryan adds “Ruben was the last one standing in the Death by Push-up series we had the other week in FTWR. It was impressive!” And Coach Marijke says “He is so fun to have in class, and a solid athlete. He comes to FTWR and gets food with us after. He just sold his car and has joined the bike-only crew. And he also has a super cool job making vaccines for some scary viruses.”

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