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Spring is finally here! Congratulations to our May Athletes of the Month, Katie Fritz and David Bradley!


Katie Fritz told us that she always saw herself as a solo exerciser before Solcana, but she took a chance on us and has been really putting herself into everything she does here. Coach Jerik says “Katie started at Solcana as part of the Outdoor Program, and appears to be good at everything. She sometimes expresses doubt in herself, but she will ALWAYS try. Then she knocks it out of the park.” Coach Kaitlin adds that “Katie Fritz has an unflappable, fun attitude. Even when she’s intimidated by a workout or a movement, she goes “all in” and does the best she can. She’s one of the strongest people I know. I also think Katie is a great classmate to peers as well. When I’ve been in class with her and super nervous she’s been there with a lil joke or word of encouragement.” Katie is an awesome person and a parent to two kiddos with partner Erin Walsh, thereby making them one of the cutest families to ever walk through the gym doors. We are so glad you’re all part of the family!








David Bradley has only been with us for a little over a year, but he has made so much progress in that time. He came in with a lot of experience in crossfit but was very open to us coaching him and correcting some habits that he had picked up. David has quietly worked hard on his form and gymnastics. He takes cues really well and has made tons of improvement in his oly technique and pull-ups. He’s always humble, and super supportive of other athletes in the gym. He works extremely hard and never sandbags anything. He is competitive with himself but he’s always excited for other people’s achievements. Also, he has a cool accent and he always has a funny answer to the QOD. Coach Marijke adds that he has excellent bus etiquette! David is also a PhD candidate in economics at the UMN, and is graduating this spring, which makes his consistency at the gym all the more impressive. Congratulations, David! We have loved having you here!

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