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The 2019 Open is done! Congrats on making it through. Everyone did an awesome job and I saw a LOT of people do things they thought they couldn’t.

If you take a year at Solcana and zoom it way out, you’ll see that the end of the Open coincides with a solid Olympic-centric cycle. This is because we have the beginners weightlifting meet in May, but also because we’ve spent the last few months moving lighter barbells quickly and some of you are itching to get under some heavy weights again.

What you can expect from this next cycle:

  • Plenty of opportunities to work on the snatch and clean & jerk. First we will take some time to hone in technique with lighter weights and break some common Olympic lift habits – eventually working out way toward a max out opportunity that coincides with the meet in may.


  • FRONT SQUATS (and back squats too). We’ll have a focus on both. Upper back strength is going to be a theme throughout this cycle – so there will be plenty of front squats.
  • Gymnastics work will be progressions of raw pulling and pushing power. Lots of strict pullup, pushup, and dip variations. Our upper bodies will be an IRON CAGE.
  • There will be a couple opportunities each week for slightly longer workouts if you’re looking for a cardio fix.
  • WINTER IS OVER! This means the highly polarizing act of RUNNING, but also lots of opportunities to do workouts or parts of workouts outside. Yoke carries, anyone?
  • Strength class will feature some overhead accessory work, deadlifts, tempo squats, and some focus on unconventional, and often non-barbell strength. This includes weighted carries, sandbags, yokes, sleds, etc. Lots of super fun stuff we don’t use super often.


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