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19.5 is over, and that is officially a wrap on the 2019 season! In my humble opinion, 19.5 was pure torture. 20 minutes of lung-burning, arm-killing torture. Glad it’s done! Even at 35# doing ring rows I was ready to throw in the dang towel about 6 minutes in. Great job to everyone who completed this and all of the other open workouts! I had a lot of fun at the Friday Night Lights party and I hope you did too. Let’s look at the overall scores from this week and the whole open:

Once again Becky Kane takes the top spot for 19.5, and is our overall winner for the open! She was doing butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups, which was awesome to watch. I will just say this again, but I know for a fact that she couldn’t do these last year, and worked her butt off to be able to do them in sets of 5+ the whole workout. It just goes to show that putting in the work really pays off! So many cheers to you Becky for setting a goal and smashing the shit out of it. We are all going to hold you up as an example of what it means to put in real concerted practice to get what you want. YOU ROCK.

Big shout-out to team CrossFit Realness and Mighty Mighty Bear Crawls for having three of their team members on the top 25 list this week. That is quite an accomplishment!

In the top 25 overall there are tons of people who did incredible things. I made a top 10 list as well that removes the coaches so you can check out which athletes performed at the top all across the 5 workouts. So many congratulations to Julian McFaul for being 50 fricking years old and getting second place. Also to Mike Grewe for getting “spirit of the open” last year and now getting third place overall!

In the team scores, Dr. Solcana’s 100% Natural Good-Times Family WOD Solution won 19.5! Overall, Metcondiments is our 2019 Open Team winners. They took the top spot by several points, but the margin was only a slim 1 point between Team Honey B.A.J.R and Dr. Solcana’s. 

Prizes this year:

Top Overall Athlete: Becky Kane
Top Team: Metcondiments
Spirit of the Open: Kira Hasbargen & Brogan Alley

Kira and Brogan, congrats on being the spirit of the open!!! Jenessa was a hot ticket for runner up on this one, but she won it last year so I had to give extra props to Kira and Brogan this year. Kira and Brogan both represent the spirit of giving and support. They brought food, baked cakes and nourished us body and soul. Both of them did the workouts, but also came back to cheer people on during other classes. Kira challenged herself in ways I have never seen, and it was so cool to see her tackle some of the most difficult gymnastics movements (and even repeat a workout to do better!). Brogan is a personal hero of mine, as he is always so attentive to the needs of the community. I always catch him taking out bags of trash during a party or quietly cleaning something up, which helps me greatly and is so appreciated. He also did Gold or Platinum on every workout, and pushed himself to do the hardest version possible even when it meant he got a lower score. So cool to see. Congrats Kira and Brogan!!! We all appreciate you!!!

For all of the winners, I will get your prizes organized and leave them on the bump for you next Monday. Great job, you worked so hard!!!

Stats from 19.5:

  • 61 out of 69 people completed 19.5  (88%)
  • 10 people did 19.5 Platinum, 12 did gold and 39 did Silver or some other modification
  • 42 people finished the workout under the time cap (69%)

Overall in the open we had really great participation this year. Normally we lose a lot of people as the open goes on, but this year we had great consistency throughout. Most people who started the workouts completed all 5 or completed at least 4 of the workouts. Only 6 people who signed up never did one at all, and only one team never submitted a team name! I am looking at you TEAM 16.

This was such an impressive open season to watch and be part of, and I am excited to do it all over again… in October. That’s right! CrossFit HQ is moving the Open to October, which means the 2020 open is right around the corner. That means we have 6 months to hone in on those weaknesses and turn them into strength. That means working on gymnastics skills, heavy olympic lifting and sprint endurance! That also means no avoiding workouts that have thrusters and burpees. I know for myself my goal is to do 2/5 workouts “Gold” this year, as I will be 5 months post-partum and *fingers crossed* will have some time to get those gymnastics skills back. What are your goals between now and October?


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