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19.4 is over and hopefully that means we are done with burpees this open season! This workout was super fun. I don’t think I have ever seen an open workout before with built-in rest. That added component really pushed people to burn through the first part as fast as possible, to leave as much time remaining for those harder skills. It was also really amazing to watch so many people challenging themselves with a hard pulling skill.

Becky dominated again this week, completing 20 muscle ups before hitting the time cap. If you wonder how Becky has become the dominant force that she is this year, well lemme tell you. Last year, she had a frustrating hip injury that forced her to stop lifting, and still nags her now. But, instead of letting it completely demoralize her, she dug into her gymnastics skills and has worked all year since the last open to get better at muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, handstand walking, toes to bar, chest to bar and butterfly pull-ups. I have watched her put in at least 3 days per week every week on these skills without pause for the entire year. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that she was top of the board for the handstand push-up, toes to bar AND muscle-up workouts. GOOD JOB BECKY. I am running out of cool ideas for your weekly prizes.

This week both Nate, Geo and Matt worked their way to the top, completing 15, 14 and 13 muscle-ups respectively. So incredible. Aaron actually finished the damn thing at Gold, and Pat, Rica and Marijke all did muscle-ups!! That is just so dang cool.

In the team scoring, Brogan’s Heroes (Brogan, Laurel, Lara & Matt E.) took the top spot this week! As usual, Dr. Solcana’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family WOD Solution did exceptionally well with a 2nd place finish. The big props this week though have to go to the Mighty Mighty Bear Crawls (Josh K, Drea, Aaron & Julian), who got 4th place and have been quietly holding down the fort in the top 10 each week. Overall, MetCondiments is still in first place, as Honey B.A.J.R. drops one spot (can we blame Ryan for being sick? Yes, yes we can). 


Stats from 19.4

  • 59 out of 69 registered athletes completed 19.4 (86%)
  • 5 athletes have never completed an open workout this year, so that means only 5 other folks didn’t do 19.4 from injury, illness, vacation, etc. which is a 93% completion rate! That is way up from last week, so good job us.
  • Only 7 athletes did the workout Platinum, 20 did Gold and 32 did Silver or WC.
  • 11 people actually finished the workout in under the time cap

Shout-outs from 19.4

“I want to give a shout-out to Rica for resting an achy shoulder all weekend and then trying 19.4 when she was recovered and getting 9 muscle-ups. I witness her working so hard on bar muscle-ups the past several months and it’s so exciting to see her get some reps during the open.

I also want to shout-out Jonathan for basically doing chest-to-belly pull-ups on ever rep. And to Bradley for also choosing to do chest to bar to challenge himself, even though he could have just done regular pull-ups.

Lastly, big props to everyone who finished the workout. It’s so hard to get through 66 burpees, so the fact that you did it while also interspersing snatches, pull-ups and a 3-minute rest is beyond impressive.” – Coach Hannah

Jess Finney! She re-did the workout on Sunday with the goal of getting 10 more reps and got 21 more instead!” – Coach Kaitlin

Jess Finney was also gonna be my shout out!  it was so awesome to see her just dig in, stay the course and keep a steady pace. It blew my mind!” – Coach Rica


We only have one more workout to go in the open this year! What do you think 19.5 will be? The only things left we haven’t seen that have been in past open workouts are: Thrusters, Deadlift, Push Press, DB Snatch, Ring Muscle-ups, Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups (technically) and Overhead Squats. My prediction for this week is some sort of play on the workout “DT”, which has deadlifts, power cleans and push press. What do you think?

Reminder that next week is our after-party for the open! 5:30-7:30 Friday Night Lights, followed by a hangout pizza party until like 9:30. Please join us!

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