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Welcome to MARCH! It may look like a moonscape outside right now but the promise of spring is in the air! I am thrilled to announce our Athletes of the Month for March: Sparkle Jones and Martin Van Boekel!



Sparkle started with Body Adapt about a year ago and has shown SUCH consistency in showing up and doing the work! Coach Hannah says “Sparkle is one of my favorite people. She is super invested in the folks around her and remembers everything you tell her. When she started with us she really felt like there were so many things she would never be able to do, and now she does SO many of those things on a regular basis. She has gotten super strong in all of her lifts, and does burpees like a boss (even though she hates them with a passion). I watched her do like 100 box jumps to a 20′ box just a few weeks ago and was so impressed by her tenacity during a workout. She is also just a thoughtful person who has amazing style and loves dorky stuff and I am here for it.” Coach Rica adds “She has been so committed, comes almost every weekend to the BIPOC class. She is not only excelling in her technique but she is definitely building endurance and strength. She destroyed our metcon last Sunday and pushed herself! Sparkle gives me sparkles!” And Coach Kaitlin says “Sparkle is so strong and resilient. Coaching her and seeing her work on specific movements, like pull ups, snatching and deadlifting and fucking crushing is so damn inspiring.”





Martin is an unusual type of athlete, in that he couldn’t care less about his score, what weight he uses, or the “outcome” of a workout” says Coach Hannah, “but instead of focusing on all of that stuff, he focuses a lot on doing movements consistently well and making them work for his body. He is the definition of “meeting his body where it is at” on any given day and I admire him for that. He is also so kind and gentle and I love coaching him. He sometimes looks at me like I am crazy, but he listens and takes direction like a champ. He is also a super smart dude and has literally the best tattoos I have ever seen.” Martin isn’t competitive but he gets major props for showing up so consistently, working patiently, and being such a supportive gym buddy. Coach Kaitlin says “Martin never answers the question of the day and it cracks me up. He’s really supportive of his fellow athletes in class. He’s not always the loudest, but he cares quite a bit for the people around him.”

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