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Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! All of you athletes are the reason we are here, and we’re thrilled to be on your journey with you for another year. Thanks for lighting up these rooms with your energy and your sweat and hard work and for making Solcana such a special place!

Congratulations to our January Athletes of the Month, Kate Anders and Teresa Schuld!

Kate and a pretty good dog!

Kate Anders joined us back in September. When I first met her she mentioned she was into Ultimate Frisbee as a competitive sport and wanted to support her recreational and everyday life activities with some strength training. She was a little nervous about joining but once she did, she committed hard. Kate shows up very consistently to the 9:30 class and has made amazing strides in her movement and work capacity! She is game to try anything, and she always seeks to understand the movement from the inside out. She has been working hard on her back squat form and it has come SO FAR in the last couple of months. Kate has an easygoing sense of humor and is just a fun person to be around. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant and runs her own business called Pretty Good Dog where she works with families with dogs and kids on smoothing out behavioral concerns during times of family growth and transition.


Teresa (L) and her mom Jeanne

Teresa Schuld is nominated by Coach Kaitlin, who says “Teresa is motivated to move well, asks really great questions and is very coachable. When she started she was very quiet and shy, and throughout the past few months has started to play around and joke, and she’s gained lots of confidence.” Coach Hannah adds that “She has grown so much and yesterday I saw her PR her clean and jerk after two weeks in a row of getting in her head about it. She relaxed and BOOM there it was. She is endlessly coachable, a thoughtful person and I love having her around.” Coach Bobby says “She brings such a kind and thoughtful energy to Solcana. I also love that she and Jeanne try and schedule classes together. They are a dynamic mother daughter duo!” Yes, in case you couldn’t tell, the Schuld family is strong at Solcana and we are endlessly grateful to Jeanne for bringing Teresa into the fold!

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