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Welcome to November, and congratulations to this month’s Athletes of the Month, Beth Hilliard and Krystal Harper!

Beth is thoughtful, kind, empathetic and endlessly loving toward other people. She has so much heart to give and she is not stingy about it. She moved here from Arkansas (I am almost positive), and immediately joined the gym because she knew she wanted to keep this style of fitness in her life. We are so thankful she ended up here because it’s truly a pleasure to have her in classes. She works hard and pushes herself when she can, but treats herself with care when she needs it. She is also in my book club and we text because she is a cool person, a top-notch dog mom, an amazing step-mom, and all around bad-ass bitch meets nerd combination. Coach Jeff adds “I first became aware of Beth at Outwod. I remember thinking, ‘What a super cool person, I wish she was a member of our gym.’
It turns out she was! She is such a consistent part of the morning crew. She has come back from a back injury by taking good care of herself and listening to her body. She is dedicated to doing everything with great form so she can stay injury free while she kicks ass.”


Krystal is a travel nurse and is with us while she is working in Minneapolis. Her short stay has turned into a longer one and we are happy it did. From the moment she started here she jumped in head first by attending the day of fun as her first social event. She is so cool and has a huge personality. She is generous and will engage anyone in conversation and get to know them in a second. She is also strong AF and can easily get into the competitive spirit. She has brought a bunch more travel nurses our way and we love that hardcore crew! Amelia adds that Krystal comes to mobility and encourages others to stay for it! She’s super welcoming to everyone.

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