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Happy September! I hope you’ve gotten the most out of this Minnesota summer, and are ready to dive into fall because we have soooo many exciting things planned for you this month! First of all, allow me to announce our September Athletes of the Month: Daphne Sidor and Erik Nielsen!


Daphne Sidor has been with us just over a year, and in that time has revealed herself as a quiet powerhouse. She attends a wide variety of classes regularly, including gymnastics, where she recently got her first handstand kick-up to the wall! Daphne is an example of how applying steady effort consistently over time can achieve great results. She has embraced powerlifting, often works out with the team twice per week, and is gearing up for the Solcana Beginner Powerlifting Meet on 9/29. Coach Sampson, not known for his effusiveness, remarks that “Daphne pushes herself harder than most when lifting”. Coach Jake adds that “nobody grinds on a lift like Daphne… but in a safe way.” Daphne has the best, driest sense of humor and is so good at cheering people on and encouraging them. Outside the gym, she flexes her vocal, guitar, and songwriting skills fronting local indie pop band Psychic Stare. We are so darn proud of the athlete you’ve become and so honored to know the person you are, Daphne!


Erik and Gubby – the cutest

After meeting Erik Nielsen it’s possible you may have the feeling you have just crossed paths with one of the kindest, coolest people on the planet. You probably did! Coach Jerik says “Erik is awesome. He attends super consistently, asks questions about strength training and is genuinely curious about getting better and is always chatting with everyone and makin’ friends.” Coach Melissa adds that “It is a joy having Erik Nielsen in class. Not only is he strong, but he is very consistent, patient, and open to learning. He is a wonderful human with a lot of heart and passion and you can see it in everything he does at Solcana.” Outside of the gym, Erik is a devoted improviser, and Coach Hannah says he is “one of the funniest people I have ever seen on stage.” If you don’t know Erik yet, you can find him gettin’ swole at one of the evening strength classes or performing at Huge Theater. Erik, we adore you, and the way you bring your whole self to everything you do at the gym. Thanks for being so awesome.

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