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Can you believe it’s August already?? This summer has FLOWN by. We are here to announce our two Athletes of the Month, who are both quiet badasses and also both part of the morning crew! They also have in common a big commitment to showing up, and have been around all summer working hard and being part of our community.


Melissa Butler has started a #sunsoutgunsout crew that meets in the back every day to get some strong ass upper body muscles. She is working on being stronger than her brother so she can take him down, haha! When there’s nothing going on in the Vulcana room after a morning class, you can find her in there pumping iron. She has a goal in mind for bench and is soooo very close to hitting it because of all her hard work. She has struck up an adorable friendship with Sara L and they are so cute together. Melissa has shown so much resilience and dedication to her own progress in her time at Solcana–we are proud of her growth and determination! She also always goes out of her way to check in with people and is just all around such a cool person. Melissa works for Minneapolis Public Schools and is passionate about public education.





Cute picture of Leah and her hubby!

Leah Ghali is so damn strong. She’s always up for a challenge, and knows how to push her body to its limits. She crushes on the rower and has been steadily making gains on all her lifts. She mixes that with just the perfect amount of challenge for herself. Leah is super coachable and positive. She’s got some really great awareness of how her body moves and also areas she’d like to improve. Her energy is contagious and I always feel like she makes the athletes around her feel a sense of warm confidence. Leah is clever and so generous with her personality. She comes to 5:30 am class wide awake with tons of energy. She takes cues well, never lets her ego get in the way and does everything with an open mind. She’s a clinical social worker and psychotherapist by day and has a huge heart for helping others. Keep it up, Leah!

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