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Jonathan and partner Mike living their best lives

We are so excited to announce our athletes of the month for July: Jonathan Popko and Maggie Staiger! 

We are so lucky to have Jonathan in the gym. He is an incredibly sincere, gentle, caring and considerate human being and an absolutely pleasure to be around. He has committed so hard to the gym and to his own growth. He is genuinely curious and thoughtful and pushes himself in really smart ways. I love having him in class because he is so kind, holds space for others, and sets a great example for other athletes. He also is willing to push himself every day and is game to try new things. It only took a couple of cues to get him to his first kipping pull-up. One day, he just jumped up to the bar to try chest-to-bar pull-ups, and could suddenly do sets of them in a workout. Jonathan extends his love beyond the gym, and into his job, where he is a nurse, and into his relationship with his awesome partner Mike, the Solcanaut who got him into the gym. Jonathan is such a cool person, I hope you all get the chance to meet him! He can frequently be found at the 9:30 or 11:30 am classes.

Maggie Staiger is so consistent and quietly tough. She is a beautiful spirit and brings so much joy with her everywhere she goes. She is the kind of person who can always offer a non-judgmental, supportive ear and a shoulder to cry on when you need it. In the gym, Maggie is very diligent with her movements. She listens attentively, follows cues and asks questions, she’s very motivated to move well and always challenges herself. Coach Ariel says “Maggie is kind, hard working and had so much heart. She pushes herself hard and brings great energy to class.”

This month is really all about the family love, because Maggie spread her love of Solcana to her brother Pat, who is now a staple at the gym as well. Being around these two, it is clear that thoughtful tenderness is in their blood. We are so lucky to have Maggie with us at the gym, and so proud of how many incredible things she has achieved so far. You can find her in the evening classes, and I know she would be more than willing to be your gym-buddy if you ask nicely!

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